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Huntop sprinkler irrigation products are manufactured for plants to grow more and better - with less, by developing solutions that produce more food, using less water, less energy and fewer chemicals.
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Agricultural Irrigation Impact Sprinkler

Huntop is professional manufacturer for farm irrigation impact sprinklers. We develop and manufacture agricultural impact sprinklers that offer smooth performance and unmatched grit tolerance under the most demanding field conditions. Also supply center pivot sprinklers for high efficient linear irrigation.

Wobbler Irrigation Sprinkler HT6312A

Wobbler Irrigation Sprinkler

MegaNet Sprinkler Vegetabe Garden Irrigation Sprinkler HT6316

MegaNet Sprinkler vegetabe garden irrigation sprinkler

Wobbler Head Sprinkler HT6312B

Wobbler Head Sprinkler, Center Pivot Irrigation System Sprinkler Head

Smooth Drive Non-Impact Rotating Sprinkler HT6315

Smooth Drive Non-Impact Rotating Sprinkler

Agricultural Irrigation Impulse Impact Sprinkler HT6111

3/4 Inch Impulse Impact Irrigation Sprinkler

Agriculture Irrigation Impact Sprinkler HT6146

2 Inch Metal Impact Sprinkler For Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation Impact Sprinkler HT6101

3/4 inch Agricultural impact sprinkler

Impact Sprinkler For Farm Irrigation HT6102

Farm Impact Sprinkler 3/4 Inch

Agriculture Irrigation Sprinkler HT6145

Impact Farm Irrigation sprinkler 1 Inch

Plastic Agricultural Impulse Sprinkler HT6031

Plastic Female Impulse Sprinkler 1 Inch

Agriculture Irrigation Impact Sprinkler HT6144

1 to 2.5 Inch Heavy Duty Impact Sprinkler for Farm Irrigation

Impact Impulse Sprinkler HT6013

3/4 Inch Plastic Impulse Impact Sprinkler

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