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We wanted our site to reflect the same ease of use and simple approach we take with our products. Our passion is to create products that make gardening and farming easy, fun, and worry free.
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Tips & Techniques
rain barrels

Huntop manufactures rain barrels that are exported to large brands worldwide. Here we offer tips for using rain barrels, how to use rain barrel water, maintaining rain barrels, controlling rain barrel overflow.

lawn irrigation sprinkler

Automated irrigation sprinkler systems are very convenient, but they can also be big water wasters. Consider these tips to reduce summer water consumption by up to 50 percent.

garden soaker hose irrigation kit

What's so great about a soaker hose? No more moving hoses. You save money. Soaker hoses use much less water and deliver water more efficiently than sprinklers or the "point and shoot" method. You have healthier plants.

holiday watering drip irrigation kit

You can always pray for rain, but here are some more practical ideas for watering your plants while you are on vacation. If you have some to add, please share.

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