Huntop wields fully integrated manufacturing, vast distribution and partnership network, to supply quality gardening tools equipments and farm products that are more eco-friendly, cost-saving and satisfactory.
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Lawn Garden Watering

Huntop produce wide range watering tools,irrigation equipment for lawn and garden cares,fit the demand for home garden and professional landscaping.

Agriculture Irrigation Equipments

China manufacturer supplier for agriculture equipments. Manufacture and supply drip irrigation equipment, farm sprinkler systems, and micro irrigation products.

Animal Watering System

China Manufacturer supplier of poultry livestock animal hunsbandry watering system, for breeder, layer, broiler, turkey, etc, livestocks: pig, cattle, sheep, horse, goat, rabbit, etc. Our equipments deliver clean, controlled water to animals. Whether watering one or thousands, Huntop has the solution.

Gardening Tools & Accessories

Garden tools China manufacturer. Supply garden tools, watering irrigation equipment. Export garden lawn irrigation sprinkler, garden hose reel cart, Gardening hose nozzle, pistol trigger spray water gun, hose connector fitting, garden lawn watering sprayer, and more hand gardening tools, garden watering tools, Plant nursery accessories.

China manufacturer and exporter with 20 years experience;
ISO9001 Certified, reliable quality;
Environmentally Friendly;
Competitive pricing guaranteed;
Near to seaport, efficient shipment;
Customer-focused, fast response;

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