Poultry Livestock Breeding Equipment

At Huntop we believe that profitable breeding equipments must also benefit the environment. Our products help farmers maximize performance and minimize costs - by optimizing feed conversion, water and energy consumption.
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Poultry Livestock Breeding Equipment

China Manufacturer supplier exporting poultry farming equipment, livestock animal hunsbandry farm equipment: animal breeding feeding equipment, fowl poultry livestock animal drinking system, poultry animal nipple drinker, animal husbandry waterer drinker equipment for breeder, layer, broiler, turkey, etc, livestocks: pig, cattle, sheep, horse, goat, rabbit, etc.

Poultry Nipple Drinking System HF1001

The nipple drinking system with cup are designed for broilers, layers.

Automatic Broiler Pan Feeding System HF1101

China Broiler poultry Pan Feeding System, Automatic chicken broiler feeding equipment supplier

Cattle Drinking Bowl Pig Iron HF3076

Cattle Waterer Bowl Pig Bowl Drinker. Animal livestock waterer equipment China manufacturer supplier

Stainless Steel Pig Feeding Pan HF3154

Snap in Piglet feeding pan, pig trough feeder made of stainless steel, supplied by China Huntop.

Water Pressure Regulator HF1071

Poultry drinker nipples Water pressure regulator, Water pressure reducing valves

Silo Poultry Bulk Feed System HF1176

Poultry feed storage silo, bulk feed system

Automatic Poultry Dome Drinker HF1054

Automatic Hanging Dome poultry drinker, plastic bell poultry waterer

Pig Bite Nipple Drinker Stainless Steel HF3022

Livestock pig drinking nipple, pig bite drinker Stainless Steel China manufacturer supplier

Poultry Chicken Nipple Drinker HF1022

Poultry fowl chicken nipple drinker

Automatic Manure Romoval Scraper System HF1501

Automatic poultry chicken manure removal scraper system

Bell Poultry Drinker Waterer HF1053

Bell Poultry Broiler Waterer Drinker

Farm Cooling Pad Exhaust Fan System HF1701

Wet Curtain Cooling Pad Exhaust Fan Sytem for poultry houses

China manufacturer and exporter with 20 years experience;
ISO9001 Certified, reliable quality;
Environmentally Friendly;
Competitive pricing guaranteed;
Near to seaport, efficient shipment;
Customer-focused, fast response;

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